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Goodbye, Canada!

Just a short ride, but it’s fun anyway. =)

Got elected for the Party President of the Canadian Confederate Front. Once it was a major party named Canadian Paradox Party, but from what i heard, its dead. Pitty …

But yes, i believe i’ve made a couple of friends during my short visit. Hopefully, it will be a warm friendship with them. =)

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Hello Canada!

So, i decided to move around the globe, refreshing my thought and finding new perspective.

Mendarat di eCanada, the land of maple syrup. Aku gak gitu kenal banyak orang di eCanada, dan beberapa hari yang lalu, eCanada digoncangkan oleh issue TO karena kedatangan mantan presiden eBrazil, Sparta Kratos. Tapi kurasa, aku bisalah dapat teman baru disini.

Just moved in.

Hello Canada!

I’m Bong, a PEACEgc Citizen, now visiting Canada.

So, what’s new? I heard Sparta Kratos visit somehow has been taken as direct thread to Canada national security. Well, he has left, and I hope mine won’t be consider same. =)

Kalian Ajarin Apaan Dia?

Barusan browse profile beberapa teman, saat menjumpai ginian di shout seorang teman dari negeri seberang.

Aneh-aneh aja. >:D Padahal yang kutau teman ini adalah orang terpandang dari ally negeri seberang. Gak mungkin sapi. (Catatan, jangan tanya siapa dia. Gak kan dan gak boleh disebut disini. Ntar dihukum kawan kita ini =D)

PM pun meluncur, Dibalas kurang lebih gini

Ceritanya panjang bro … 😛

Well, sebenarnya singkat sih. Gw mabok berat semalam di channel IRC Indo, dan gw nanya, kalo mau maki-maki sepain, apa kata-katanya pake bahasa elo pada. Ada yang bilang ginian ke gw, ya gw pake :>

Hohohooooo. Woy anak IRC. Kalian ajarin apaan dia?

Southern Great Plain. The battle that has been fought for so long. It has been paused for two times, and yet the battle haven’t end …

I was hoping that this battle will became the most fierce epic battle, ever … Indeed it was an epic … failure

Yeah. don’t blame the admins though. I guess a more-than-1000-citizens-online-at-the-same-time is still too much for the Erepublik server.

Hope they will upgrade their server soon.

Because Indonesia is approaching the Romanian soil.

The biggest battle will be happen

Soon …

Very soon …

Muuaahahahahaaa *evil laughter

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Goodbye, Trivia!

After massive critics, complains and suggestion concerning Trivia, finally Erepublik admins officially stated that they will remove Trivia from the game.

Dear citizens,

The following days will be the last ones in which you might improve your in-game performances by starting the quiz system. We have taken into consideration all the requests and suggestions received over time and have decided to replace Trivia.

The first step will represent removing the quiz system option. This will be done sometime next week. Once Trivia is removed, and until another feature is implemented, working, training and fighting will be done instantly without having the option of starting or skipping Trivia.


Admins surely has put great effort when they introduce the Trivia system to the citizen, and countless hours to improve it. And the citizens also put the same great effort to crack and decode it =)

Well, i guess removing trivia is the best decision, and i really really hope anything that will replace it will be much much better, and decodeable. =)

Goodbye Trivia, hope you will be useful on other projects.

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A Cleaner New World

Erepublik mods release an Insider article entitled “A cleaner New World“, saying that they’ve been able to remove all GOLDs generated from exploits which has been used by culprits for at least two months already.

Dear citizens,

Last week, after more than 18 hours of continuous investigations, the researchers managed to determine the results of the exploit that occurred in the previous weekend. More than 400 citizen and organization accounts and transactions were analyzed during this process.


I doubt that all cheaters has been punished fairly, and all fake GOLDs have been pulled out of the circulation. Yes, we know some people out there still gain benefit from that exploits. Yes, some people hold tons of fake GOLDs, without getting banned. Yes. Some people …

Damn. I wish i was one of that “some people”. I should be really rich by now =(

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